CQC²T is proud to announce that one of our new 2018 PhD students has been awarded a Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship to undertake post-graduate study.

Joseph Rowlands graduated with First Class Honours for his experimental research in aeroacoustics, and is now focusing on quantum computing. His PhD will be under the supervision of UNSW scientist Professor Michelle Simmons, Director of the Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology, and 2018 Australian of the Year.

‘Quantum computing will change the digital world by providing an exponential increase in computational power over traditional machines. This will create new industries, allow currently impossible research to be carried out, leading to new technologies not yet even imagined,’ he says.

‘Australia is leading this ‘space race of the computing era’. For both economic and strategic reasons, it is imperative that Australia stay at the forefront of this exciting technological development.’