The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland (UQ) was a founding institution of the Special Research Centre for Quantum Computing Technology established in 2000, and the subsequent ARC Centres of Excellence scheme funded from 2003. Based at the St Lucia Campus, the node hosts two Chief Investigators – Centre Executive Professor Tim Ralph and Dr Austin Lund – with a team of 9 researchers and students.

Prof. Ralph leads the Quantum Communication Information Theory Program and Dr Austin Lund is the Work Package Leader for Protocol Development Work Package and Program Manager for the Optical Quantum Computing Theory Program.




Dr. Austin  Lund

Dr. Austin Lund

Work Package Leader
Ms. Estelle  Asmodelle

Ms. Estelle Asmodelle

PhD Student
Mr. Joshua  Foo

Mr. Joshua Foo

PhD Student
Mr. Joshua  Guanzon

Mr. Joshua Guanzon

PhD Student
Ms. Kaerin  Gardner

Ms. Kaerin Gardner

Node Administrator
Mr. Lachlan  Bishop

Mr. Lachlan Bishop

PhD Student
Mr. Marco  Ho

Mr. Marco Ho

PhD Student
Mr. Matthew  Winnell

Mr. Matthew Winnell

PhD Student
Mr. Raymond  Harrison

Mr. Raymond Harrison

Masters Student
Mr. Sho  Onoe

Mr. Sho Onoe

PhD Student
Prof. Tim C Ralph

Prof. Tim C Ralph

Program Manager
Mr. Timothy  Le Pers

Mr. Timothy Le Pers

Honours Student