UNSW Sydney

UNSW Sydney (the University of New South Wales) is the head office of CQC²T located at the Kensington Campus in Sydney, and is home to key management staff including the Centre Director and Chief Operating Officer.

UNSW was a founding institution of the Special Research Centre for Quantum Computing Technology established in 2000, and the  subsequent ARC Centres of Excellence scheme funded from 2003.

Six of the Centre’s Chief Investigators are based at UNSW Sydney including – Centre Director, Professor Michelle Simmons, Professor Andrew Dzurak, Professor Sven Rogge, Professor Andrea Morello, Dr Arne Laucht and Dr Matthew House. Chief Investigator Dr Hidehiro Yowenaza is based at UNSW Canberra.

UNSW Sydney

UNSW Sydney hosts over 70 research staff and students and leads 5 Research Programs including Precision Qubit Processors Program, Silicon Hardware Program, The Integrated Silicon Nano-Spintronics ProgramSilicon Qubit Environment & Interface Program and Scale-Up Engineering Program.

UNSW Sydney houses state-of-the art laboratories including The Atom Fabrication LaboratoriesCryogenic Measurement Laboratories and the ANFF-UNSW Nanofabrication facilities.


UNSW Sydney Chief Investigators

UNSW Canberra

UNSW Canberra leads the Communication and Network Interconnect Program with Chief Investigators from the Australian National University. UNSW Canberra has 4 research staff and students. The UNSW Canberra laser laboratories have an international reputation for fast, quantum-noise-limited, linear photodetectors with associated electronics and they also make use of multiple infrared single-photon-detector modules, as well as microwave digital and analogue test and measurement equipment.

UNSW Canberra team


Prof. Andrea  Morello

Prof. Andrea Morello

Work Package Leader
Prof. Andrew  S. Dzurak

Prof. Andrew S. Dzurak

Program Manager
Dr. Andrey  Timofeev

Dr. Andrey Timofeev

Research Fellow
Ms. Anna  Adams

Ms. Anna Adams

Node Administrator
Dr. Arne  Laucht

Dr. Arne Laucht

Program Manager
Mr. Benjamin  Joecker

Mr. Benjamin Joecker

PhD Student
Dr. Benoit  Voisin

Dr. Benoit Voisin

Research Fellow
Dr. Cassandra  Chua

Dr. Cassandra Chua

Research Fellow
Mr. Daniel  Keith

Mr. Daniel Keith

PhD Student
Ms. Esra  Ertan

Ms. Esra Ertan

Finance Assistant
Dr. Fay E. Hudson

Dr. Fay E. Hudson

Senior Research Fellow
Mr. Felix  Krauth

Mr. Felix Krauth

PhD Student
Dr. Gabriele  De Boo

Dr. Gabriele De Boo

Research Fellow
Ms. Georgina  Carson

Ms. Georgina Carson

PhD Student
Mr. Guangchong  Hu

Mr. Guangchong Hu

PhD Student
Mr. Hannes  Firgau

Mr. Hannes Firgau

PhD Student
Ms. Helen  Geng

Ms. Helen Geng

PhD Student
Dr. Hidehiro  Yonezawa

Dr. Hidehiro Yonezawa

Program Manager
Mr. Ian  Berkman

Mr. Ian Berkman

PhD Student
Ms. Jane  Qian

Ms. Jane Qian

PhD Student
Mrs. Karen  Jury

Mrs. Karen Jury

Executive Officer
Ms. Lucy  Wong

Ms. Lucy Wong

Finance Manager
Mr. Ludwik  Kranz

Mr. Ludwik Kranz

PhD Student
Mr. Mark  Hogg

Mr. Mark Hogg

PhD Student
Mr. Mark  Johnson

Mr. Mark Johnson

PhD Student
Mr. Mateusz  Madzik

Mr. Mateusz Madzik

PhD Student
 Matthew  Donnelly

Matthew Donnelly

PhD Student
Mr. Michael  Jones

Mr. Michael Jones

PhD Student
Dr. Rodrigo  Ormeno

Dr. Rodrigo Ormeno

Laboratory Manager
Mr. Ross  Leon

Mr. Ross Leon

PhD Student
Dr. Sacha  Kocsis

Dr. Sacha Kocsis

Research Fellow
Dr. Samuel  Gorman

Dr. Samuel Gorman

Research Fellow
Mrs. Savita  Sardana

Mrs. Savita Sardana

Finance Manager
Dr. Serwan  Asaad

Dr. Serwan Asaad

Research Fellow
Dr. Shota  Yokoyama

Dr. Shota Yokoyama

Research Fellow
Prof. Sven  Rogge

Prof. Sven Rogge

Work Package Leader
Dr. Tim  Botzem

Dr. Tim Botzem

Research Fellow
Dr. Trevor  Wheatley

Dr. Trevor Wheatley

Research Fellow
Dr. Tuomo  Tanttu

Dr. Tuomo Tanttu

Research Fellow
Mr. Vikas  Sewani

Mr. Vikas Sewani

PhD Student
Dr. Vincent  Mourik

Dr. Vincent Mourik

Research Fellow
Mr. Wister  Huang

Mr. Wister Huang

PhD Student
Mr. Wyatt  Vine

Mr. Wyatt Vine

PhD Student
Ms. Yanan  Liu

Ms. Yanan Liu

PhD Student
Dr. Yousun  Chung

Dr. Yousun Chung

Research Fellow
Mr. Yuanlong  Wang

Mr. Yuanlong Wang

PhD Student