UNSW Sydney (the University of New South Wales) is the head office of CQC²T located at the Kensington Campus in Sydney, and is home to key management staff including the Centre Director and Chief Operating Officer.

UNSW was a founding institution of the Special Research Centre for Quantum Computing Technology established in 2000, and the  subsequent ARC Centres of Excellence scheme funded from 2003.

Six of the Centre’s Program Managers are based at UNSW Sydney including – Centre Director, Professor Michelle Simmons, Professor Andrew Dzurak, Professor Sven Rogge, Professor Andrea Morello, and A/Prof Arne Laucht. Chief Investigator Dr Hidehiro Yowenaza is based at UNSW Canberra.

UNSW Sydney

UNSW Sydney leads 5 Research Programs including Precision Qubit Processors Program, Silicon Hardware Program, The Integrated Silicon Nano-Spintronics ProgramSilicon Qubit Environment & Interface Program and Scale-Up Engineering Program.

UNSW Sydney houses state-of-the art laboratories including The Atom Fabrication LaboratoriesCryogenic Measurement Laboratories and the ANFF-UNSW Nanofabrication facilities.

UNSW Canberra

UNSW Canberra leads the Integrated Quantum Networks and Control Program. The UNSW Canberra laser laboratories have an international reputation for fast, quantum-noise-limited, linear photodetectors with associated electronics and they also make use of multiple infrared single-photon-detector modules, as well as microwave digital and analogue test and measurement equipment.