University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne was one of the founding partners of the Australian Research Council’s Centre for Quantum Computing and has been a core partner of CQC²T since it was established in 2003.

The team at The University of Melbourne includes two Chief Investigators – Deputy Director of CQC²T, Prof Lloyd Hollenberg and Prof David Jamieson – with over 25 CQC²T students and staff.

The University of Melbourne hosts two programs in the Centre of Excellence: Quantum Processor Development Program led by Prof Lloyd Hollenberg and Directed Ion Implantation Program led by Prof David Jamieson.

Situated in the David Caro Building of the University of Melbourne, The Melbourne Node of CQC²T has extensive laboratory facilities include a cleanroom complex housing the deterministic ion beam facility, a materials processing and fabrication laboratory and a laboratory for quantum sensing with facilities for confocal microscopy.


Mr. Alexander  Healey

Mr. Alexander Healey

PhD Student
Mr. Alexander  Tsai

Mr. Alexander Tsai

PhD Student
Dr. Alexander Malwin  Jakob

Dr. Alexander Malwin Jakob

Research Fellow
Mr. Aochen  Duan

Mr. Aochen Duan

PhD Student
Mr. Benjamin  Harper

Mr. Benjamin Harper

Masters Student
Dr. Brett  Johnson

Dr. Brett Johnson

Research Fellow
Mr. Christopher  Lew

Mr. Christopher Lew

PhD Student
Ms. Danielle  Holmes

Ms. Danielle Holmes

PhD Student
Prof. David  N. Jamieson

Prof. David N. Jamieson

Program Manager
A. Prof. Jeff  McCallum

A. Prof. Jeff McCallum

Senior Research Fellow
Mr. Liam  Thomas

Mr. Liam Thomas

Masters Student
Prof. Lloyd C.L.   Hollenberg

Prof. Lloyd C.L. Hollenberg

Program Manager
Ms. Maureen  Luna

Ms. Maureen Luna

Finance Assistant
Mr. Maxwell  West

Mr. Maxwell West

Masters Student
Dr. Muhammad  Usman

Dr. Muhammad Usman

Research Fellow
Mr. Oscar  Glenister

Mr. Oscar Glenister

Masters Student
Mr. Roland  Szymanski

Mr. Roland Szymanski

Technical Services Manager
Ms. Rose  Cooney

Ms. Rose Cooney

Node Administrator
Mr. Sam  Scholten

Mr. Sam Scholten

Masters Student
Mr. Scott  Lillie

Mr. Scott Lillie

PhD Student
Mr. Simon  Robson

Mr. Simon Robson

PhD Student
Mr. Spiro  Gicev

Mr. Spiro Gicev

PhD Student
Mr. Stephen  Gregory

Mr. Stephen Gregory

Technical Services Manager
Mr. Zehai  Pang

Mr. Zehai Pang

Masters Student
Mr. Zhaojin  Liu

Mr. Zhaojin Liu

Masters Student