Universities join forces to make Sydney a Quantum Harbour City


University: UNSW Sydney

Authors Centre Participants: Prof. Andrew S. Dzurak, Mr. Anderson West

Other Source: Nature Nanotechnology

Research collaboration between UNSW Sydney and the University of Sydney has overcome a fundamental hurdle to building quantum computers in silicon, opening the way to further develop the machines at scale.

The two groups, led by Professor Andrew Dzurak at UNSW and Professor David Reilly at the University of Sydney have demonstrated that the state, or value, of a quantum bit (qubit) in silicon can be read out in a way that removes the need to have readout sensors alongside the qubits.

The result is published today in Nature Nanotechnology.

Professor Dzurak said: “This paper has combined using a single-gate electrode technique to read-out information – a method developed by David Reilly’s group in 2013 – with the requirement for single-shot readout of qubits that can be manufactured using existing silicon chip technology – a capability we developed in 2014. This mix is very important for scalability.”