Quantum entanglement plays a fundamental role in quantum computation and quantum communication. Feedback control has been widely used in stochastic quantum systems to generate given entangled states since it has good robustness, where the time required to compute filter states and conduct filter-based control usually cannot be ignored in many practical applications. This paper designed two control strategies based on the Lyapunov method to prepare a class of entangled states for qubit systems with a constant delay time. The first one is bang-bang-like control strategy, which has a simple form with switching between a constant value and zero, the stability of which is proved. Another control strategy is switching Lyapunov control, where a constant delay time is introduced in the filter-based feedback control law to compensate for the computation time. Numerical results on a two-qubit system illustrate the effectiveness of these two proposed control strategies. (C) 2020 Published by Elsevier Ltd.