Amato, LS; Pallotti, DK; de Cumis, MS; Dequal, D; Andrisani, A; Slussarenko, S

Nonlocality, probably the principal friction between Quantum Physics and Relativity, disturbed the physicists even more than realism since it looks to originate superluminal signalling, the Einsteinian “Spooky action at a distance”. From 2000 on, several tests to set lower bounds of the Spooky action at a distance velocity ([Formula: see text]) have been performed. They are usually based on a Bell Test performed in km long and carefully balanced experimental setups to fix a more and more improved bound making some assumptions dictated by the experimental conditions. By exploiting advances in quantum technologies, we performed a Bell’s test with an improved bound in a tabletop experiment of the order of few minutes, thus being able to control parameters otherwise uncontrollable in an extended setup or in long lasting experiments.