A D-dimensional Markovian open quantum system will undergo stochastic evolution which preserves pure states, if one monitors without loss of information the bath to which it is coupled. If a finite ensemble of pure states satisfies a particular set of constraint equations then it is possible to perform the monitoring in such a way that the (discontinuous) trajectory of the conditioned system state is, at all long times, restricted to those pure states. Finding these physically realisable ensembles (PREs) is typically very difficult, even numerically, when the system dimension is larger than 2. In this paper, we develop symmetry-based techniques that potentially greatly reduce the difficulty of finding a subset of all possible PREs. The two dynamical symmetries considered are an invariant subspace and a Wigner symmetry. An analysis of previously known PREs using the developed techniques provides us with new insights and lays the foundation for future studies of higher dimensional systems.