Sound Clocks and Sonic Relativity


Scott L. Todd, Nicolas C. Menicucci

Foundations of Physics, 47, 1267-1293 (2017)

Sound Clocks and Sonic Relativity

Sound propagation within certain non-relativistic condensed matter models obeys a relativistic wave equation despite such systems admitting entirely non-relativistic descriptions. A natural question that arises upon consideration of this is, “do devices exist that will experience the relativity in these systems?” We describe a thought experiment in which ‘acoustic observers’ possess devices called sound clocks that can be connected to form chains.

University: RMIT University

Authors Centre Participants: A. Prof. Nicolas C Menicucci, Mr. Scott Todd

Source: Physics Reports-Review Section of Physics Letters

Publication Type: Journal article (non refereed)

DOI Link: DOI Link

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