The solid-state spectroscopy laboratory based at the Australian National University,  is set up to perform high resolution coherent optical, microwave and radio frequency spectroscopy and quantum optics experiments on optically active centres in solid-state hosts. It is equipped with a suite of high-resolution lasers with sub-kilohertz resolution and wavelengths tuneable over a wide range of the visible and near infrared spectrum. There is a range of liquid helium cryostats available, including continuous flow, bath, adsorption and bucket designs. Temperatures down to 250 mK are accessible and magnetic fields up to 15 T can be applied. Bulk crystalline samples are grown in the dedicated crystal-growing laboratory.

There is access to a range of equipment supporting the fabrication and characterisation of waveguides devices housed within the Laser Physics Centre and the ANU’s node of the Australian National Nano-Fabrication Facility. This includes electron beam, thermal and pulsed laser deposition systems for thin film growth and electron beam, direct write laser and photo lithography used in conjunction with plasma etching for waveguide fabrication. For characterisation, the available equipment includes a Raman spectrometer, atomic-force microscope, optical profiler and X-ray diffraction and electron paramagnetic resonance systems.

The research efforts are further supported by the Research School of Physics and Engineering facilities. This includes access to electronical and mechanical engineering support along with access to cryogenic liquids, including helium recovery and on-site liquefaction.