Silicon Quantum Hardware Program

The Silicon Quantum Hardware Program is led by Professor Andrea Morello based at UNSW Sydney. The research focuses on experimental control, readout and coupling of single P-atom spin qubits in silicon, for the construction of a scalable spin-based quantum computer that is compatible with standard semiconductor fabrication processes. In addition, it invents and develops new theoretical ideas for efficient and scalable quantum logic gates for donors in silicon.


Prof. Andrea  Morello

Prof. Andrea Morello

Work Package Leader
Mr. Benjamin  Joecker

Mr. Benjamin Joecker

PhD Student
Mr. Hannes  Firgau

Mr. Hannes Firgau

PhD Student
Mr. Mark  Johnson

Mr. Mark Johnson

PhD Student
Mr. Mateusz  Madzik

Mr. Mateusz Madzik

PhD Student
Mr. Serwan  Asaad

Mr. Serwan Asaad

PhD Student
Dr. Tim  Botzem

Dr. Tim Botzem

Research Fellow
Dr. Vincent  Mourik

Dr. Vincent Mourik

Research Fellow
Dr. Vivien  Schmitt

Dr. Vivien Schmitt

Research Fellow
Mr. Wyatt  Vine

Mr. Wyatt Vine

PhD Student

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