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New super-pure silicon chip opens path to powerful quantum computers

Researchers at the Universities of Melbourne and Manchester have invented a breakthrough technique for manufacturing highly purified silicon that brings powerful quantum computers a big step closer. Read More

A breakthrough step towards noise-robust quantum networks

In a significant milestone for quantum communication technology, an experiment has demonstrated how networks can be leveraged to combat disruptive ‘noise’ in quantum communications. The internatio Read More

Nonlocality activation in a photonic quantum network

Bell nonlocality refers to correlations between two distant, entangled particles that challenge classical notions of local causality. Beyond its foundational significance, nonlocality is crucial for d Read More

Programmable high-dimensional Hamiltonian in a photonic waveguide array

Waveguide lattices offer a compact and stable platform for a range of applications, including quantum walks, condensed matter system simulation, and classical and quantum information processing. Howev Read More

A promising leap towards computers with light-speed capabilities

Scientists have created a reprogrammable light-based processor, a world-first, that they say could usher in a new era of quantum computing and communication. Technologies in these emerging fields that Read More

Quadruple quantum: engineers perform four quantum control methods in just one atom

CQC2T is celebrating the latest achievements of their researchers in a paper published recently in Nature Communications. This latest research demonstrated multiple ways to w Read More

High-fidelity initialization and control of electron and nuclear spins in a four-qubit register

Single electron spins bound to multi-phosphorus nuclear spin registers in silicon have demonstrated fast (0.8 ns) two-qubit SWAP gates and long spin relaxation times (~30 s). In these spin regist Read More

Noisy intermediate-scale quantum computers

Cheng, Bin, Deng, XH., Gu, X. et al. Quantum computers have made extraordinary progress over the past decade, and significant milestones have been achieved along the path of pursuing universa Read More

Multiparameter Estimation with Two-Qubit Probes in Noisy Channels

LO Conlon, PK Lam, SM Assad This work compares the performance of single and two qubit probes for estimating several phase rotations simultaneously under the action of different noisy channel Read More

Efficient parameter tuning to enhance practicability of a model-free vibration controller based on a virtual controlled object

Yonezawa, A; Yonezawa, H; Kajiwara, I In active vibration control, controller tuning is necessary to obtain a sufficient damping performance. This study presents an efficient tuning techni Read More

Digital Discovery of 100 diverse Quantum Experiments with PyTheus

Ruiz-Gonzalez, C; Arlt, S, Petermann, J; Sayyad, S; Jaouni, T; Karimi, E; Tischler, N; Gu, X; Krenn, M Photons are the physical system of choice for performing experimental tests of the fo Read More

A scalable and fast artificial neural network syndrome decoder for surface codes

Gicev, S; Hollenberg, LCL; Usman, M Surface code error correction offers a highly promising pathway to achieve scalable fault-tolerant quantum computing. When operated as stabilizer codes, Read More

A “thoughtful” Local Friendliness no-go theorem: a prospective experiment with new assumptions to suit

H. Wiseman, EG. Cavalcanti, EG Rieffel, A recent paper by two of us and co-workers, based on an extended Wigner's friend scenario, demonstrated that certain empirical correlations predicted Read More

Extraordinary second harmonic generation modulated by divergent strain field in pressurized monolayer domes

Liu, BQ; Yildirim, T; Blundo, E; de Ceglia, D; Khan, AR; Yin, ZY; Nguyen, HT; Pettinari, G; Felici, M; Polimeni, A; Lu, Y The most prominent form of nonlinear optical (NLO) frequency conver Read More

Negative Capacitance Field Effect Transistors based on Van der Waals 2D Materials

R Chen, Y Lu Steep subthreshold swing (SS) is a decisive index for low energy consumption devices. However, the SS of conventional field effect transistors (FETs) has suffered from Bo Read More

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