Scale-up Engineering Program

Building a quantum computer is a major challenge in understanding the quantum effects that we want to put to practical use for computation. Along with that we have a big challenge in designing the control and measurement electronics that are needed to operate a complex device such as a quantum computer at high frequencies and temperatures near absolute zero. Led by Co-Program Managers Dr Matthew House and Dr Arne Laucht from UNSW Sydney, the Scale-up Engineering Program focuses on developing these enabling technologies: high-sensitivity quantum measurements, control and readout multiplexing for routing information into, out of, and within the quantum processor.


Dr. Arne  Laucht

Dr. Arne Laucht

Program Manager UNSW Sydney
Mr. Vikas  Sewani

Mr. Vikas Sewani

UNSW Sydney
Mr. Wister  Huang

Mr. Wister Huang

UNSW Sydney

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