Scalable quantum computing with ion-implanted dopant atoms in silicon


Morello, A, Tosi, G, Mohiyaddin, FA, Schmitt, V, Mourik, V, Botzem, T, Laucht, A, Pla, JJ, Tenberg, S, Savytskyy, R, Madzik, M, Hudson, F, Dzurak, AS, Itoh, KM, Jakob, AM, Johnson, BC, McCallum, JC, Jamieson, DN

64th IEEE Annual International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) (2018)

Scalable quantum computing with ion-implanted dopant atoms in silicon

We present a scalable strategy to manufacture quantum computer devices, by encoding quantum information in the combined electron-nuclear spin state of individual ion-implanted phosphorus dopant atoms in silicon. Our strategy allows a typical pitch between quantum bits of order 200 nm, and retains compatibility with the standard fabrication processes adopted in classical CMOS nanoelectronic devices. We theoretically predict fast and high-fidelity quantum logic operations, and present preliminary experimental progress towards the realization of a “flip-flop” qubit system.

University: University of Melbourne, UNSW Sydney

Authors Centre Participants: Prof. Andrea Morello, Dr. Vivien Schmitt, Dr. Vincent Mourik, Dr. Arne Laucht, Dr. Fay E. Hudson, Mr. Mateusz Madzik, Prof. Andrew S. Dzurak, Dr. Brett Johnson, A. Prof. Jeff McCallum, Prof. David N. Jamieson, Dr. Melvin Jakob, Mr. Rostyslav Savytskyy, Tosi, G, Mohiyaddin, FA, Pla, JJ, Tenberg, S, Itoh, KM

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Publication Type: Conference paper in refereed proceedings

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