RMIT University

RMIT University joined CQC²T as a core partner in June 2018. CQC²T has two Chief Investigators based at RMIT with a team of 12 staff and students.

Chief Investigator Dr Alberto Peruzzo leads the Logical Qubit Work Package and is the Program Manager for the Photonic Quantum Processor Program. Dr Peruzzo is the Director of the new RMIT research facilities based out of the city campus. The Quantum Photonics Laboratory facilities include; quantum optics laboratories for single photon experiments; a wet lab with fume hoods, sample preparation tools and a dicing saw; prototyping laboratories; and a cryogenic laboratory with a 1 Kelvin cryostat.

Chief Investigator Dr Nicolas Menicucci leads the Deterministic Entanglement Work Package and is the Program Manager for the Continuous-Variable Quantum Technology Program.


Mr. Akib  Karim

Mr. Akib Karim

PhD Student
Dr. Alberto   Peruzzo

Dr. Alberto Peruzzo

Program Manager
Dr. Ben  Baragiola

Dr. Ben Baragiola

Research Fellow
Mr. Blayney  Walshe

Mr. Blayney Walshe

PhD Student
Ms. Inna  Krasnokutska

Ms. Inna Krasnokutska

PhD Student
Mr. Lucas  Mensen

Mr. Lucas Mensen

PhD Student
Mr. Mac  Kim

Mr. Mac Kim

PhD Student
Ms. Nicci  Coad

Ms. Nicci Coad

Node Administrator
Mr. Scott  Todd

Mr. Scott Todd

PhD Student
Dr. Valentina  Baccetti

Dr. Valentina Baccetti

Research Fellow