Rare-Earth Integration Program

Critical operations in quantum computing and communications require quantum information to be transferred between light fields and material quantum systems. To enable these operations this program is developing a series of optical solid-state interface devices, utilizing rare-earth optical centres in crystals. The emphasis of the program is the development of the hardware required to enable a long range quantum communication network. The building blocks of this hardware include quantum memories, non-classical light sources and small-scale quantum processors. A key outcome will be the integration of the rare-earth systems with detector and frequency conversion technology being developed in the Centre to demonstrate a quantum repeater. The Rare-Earth Integration Program is led by A.Prof Matthew Sellars based at the Australian National University in Canberra.


Latest insights from the Rare-Earth Integration Program and CQC2T team based at the Australian National University in Canberra.


A. Prof. Matthew  J. Sellars

A. Prof. Matthew J. Sellars

Work Package Leader, Program Manager Australian National University
Mr. Adam  Pamplin

Mr. Adam Pamplin

Australian National University
Ms. Charlotte  Duda

Ms. Charlotte Duda

Australian National University
Mr. James  Stuart

Mr. James Stuart

Australian National University
Dr. Katherine  Ferguson

Dr. Katherine Ferguson

Australian National University
Mr. Matthew  Berrington

Mr. Matthew Berrington

Australian National University
Mr. Matthew  Pearce

Mr. Matthew Pearce

Australian National University
Dr. Morgan  Hedges

Dr. Morgan Hedges

Australian National University
Dr. Rose  Ahlefeldt

Dr. Rose Ahlefeldt

Australian National University

Featured publications

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