The Rare-Earth Integration Program is led by Associate Professor Matthew Sellars, based in the Research School of Physics at the Australian National University. The program’s focus is on the development of optical quantum devices that utilize rare-earth optical centres in solids.

Crossing the boundary between solid-state and optical quantum information technologies, the program aims to develop the hardware to enable the demonstration of a quantum communication network. The program is closely associated with the Centre’s goal of extending the range of communications through the development of a quantum repeater.


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Featured publications

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An electrically driven single-atom flip-flop qubit Savytskyy, R; Botzem, T; de Fuentes, IF; Joecker, B; Pla, JJ; Hudson, FE; Itoh, KM; Jakob, AM; Johnson, BC; Jamieson, DN; Dzurak, AS; Morello, A
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Efficient quantum memory for light Morgan P. Hedges, Jevon J. Longdell, Yongmin Li & Matthew J. Sellars Nature, 465, 1052 (2010)
Echo-Based Quantum Memory G. T. Campbell,K. R. Ferguson,M. J. Sellars,B. C. Buchler,P. K. Lam Quantum Information: From Foundations to Quantum Technology Applications, Volumes 1 and 2 (2016)
Initialization protocol for efficient quantum memories using resolved hyperfine structure JS Stuart, M Hedges, R Ahlefeldt, M Sellars Physical Review Research, 3, L032054 (2021)