A quantum repeater is a device that can faithfully relay quantum information and extend quantum communication range. The Quantum Repeater Technology Program, led by Professor Ping Koy Lam based at The Australian National University, looks at realizing quantum amplification, quantum resources and quantum processes essential for an operational quantum repeater. By developing and integrating quantum components into a single platform to demonstrate the operation of a quantum repeater, the program aims to design precise and optimal architectures of a quantum repeater system.

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Shareability of steering in 2-producible states Song, QC; Baker, TJ; Wiseman, HM
On the equivalence between squeezing and entanglement potential for two-mode Gaussian states B Li, A Das, S Tserkis, P Narang, PK Lam, S. M. Assad Nature Scientific Reports, 13, 11722 (2023)
Surpassing the repeaterless bound with a photon-number encoded measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution protocol Erkilic, O; Conlon, L; Shajilal, B; Kish, S; Tserkis, S; Kim, YS; Lam, PK; Assad, SM
PRX QUANTUM, 4 (2023)
Approaching optimal entangling collective measurements on quantum computing platforms Lorcán O. Conlon, Tobias Vogl, Christian D. Marciniak, Ivan Pogorelov, Simon K. Yung, Falk Eilenberger, Dominic W. Berry, Fabiana S. Santana, Rainer Blatt, Thomas Monz, Ping Koy Lam & Syed M. Assad Nature Physics, 10 (2023)
dB squeezed light at 1550 nm from a bow-tie cavity for long-term high duty cycle operation B Shajilal, O Thearle, A Tranter, Y Lu, E Huntington, S Assad, PK Lam, J Janousek Optics Express, 30, 21 (2022)
Extraordinary Nonlinear Optical Interaction from Strained Nanostructures in van der Waals CuInP2S6 S Rahman, T Yildirim, K Tebyetekerwa, AR, YR Lu ACS Nano, 16, 9 (2022)