Quantum Repeater Technology Program

A quantum repeater is a device that can faithfully relay quantum information and extend quantum communication range. The Quantum Repeater Technology Program, led by Professor Ping Koy Lam based at The Australian National University in Canberra, aims to integrate quantum components into a single platform to demonstrate the operation of a quantum repeater. The program looks at realising quantum amplification, quantum resource distillation and quantum processes essential to the operation of a quantum repeater and develop precise and optimal architecture for a quantum repeater system.


Watch the latest insights from the quantum repeater technology program and research highlights from the CQC2T team at ANU in Canberra.


Prof. Ping Koy  Lam

Prof. Ping Koy Lam

Executive Team, Program Manager Australian National University
Mr. Hao  Jeng

Mr. Hao Jeng

Australian National University
Dr. Jiayi  Qin

Dr. Jiayi Qin

Australian National University
Ms. Jie  Zhao

Ms. Jie Zhao

Australian National University
Mr. Jinyong  Ma

Mr. Jinyong Ma

Australian National University
Mr. Lorcan  Conlon

Mr. Lorcan Conlon

Australian National University
Mr. Mark  Bradshaw

Mr. Mark Bradshaw

Australian National University
Mr. Ruvindhra  Lecamwasam

Mr. Ruvindhra Lecamwasam

Australian National University
Dr. Syed M. Assad

Dr. Syed M. Assad

Australian National University
Mr. Thibault  Michel

Mr. Thibault Michel

Australian National University
Mr. Tobias  Vogl

Mr. Tobias Vogl

Australian National University
A. Prof. Yuerui  Lu

A. Prof. Yuerui Lu

Australian National University

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