Quantum Processor Development Program

Led by Professor Lloyd Hollenberg, Deputy Director of CQC²T, the Quantum Processor Development Program’s objective is to develop comprehensive theoretical descriptions of quantum information processing and the development of related quantum technology applications. The program pays particular attention to the silicon and phosphorus quantum devices, and all facets of their operation relevant to the Centre goals. The Quantum Processor Development Program spans research from the consideration of quantum information processing, architectures and quantum error correction focusing on Centre spin-qubit hardware, to the application of quantum sensing techniques to the characterisation of silicon-based devices and related applications, as well as control techniques to improve quantum gate operation.


Prof. Lloyd C.L.   Hollenberg

Prof. Lloyd C.L. Hollenberg

Deputy Director, Executive Team. Program Manager University of Melbourne
Mr. Alexander  Healey

Mr. Alexander Healey

University of Melbourne
Dr. Jean-Philippe  Tetienne

Dr. Jean-Philippe Tetienne

University of Melbourne
Mr. Maxwell  West

Mr. Maxwell West

University of Melbourne
Dr. Muhammad  Usman

Dr. Muhammad Usman

University of Melbourne
Mr. Roland  Szymanski

Mr. Roland Szymanski

University of Melbourne
Ms. Rose  Cooney

Ms. Rose Cooney

Node Administrator University of Melbourne
Mr. Sam  Scholten

Mr. Sam Scholten

University of Melbourne
Mr. Scott  Lillie

Mr. Scott Lillie

University of Melbourne
Mr. Spiro  Gicev

Mr. Spiro Gicev

University of Melbourne

Featured publications

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