The Quantum Photonics Laboratory at RMIT joined the Centre for Quantum Communication and Communication Technology in 2018. The RMIT laboratories have several laboratories for the fabrication and characterisation of quantum photonic chips to achieve the goals of the photonic efforts of CQC²T.

The sample preparation lab is a wet lab for sample pre- and post- processing of photonic chip, including fume hoods for spin coating and cleaning, as well as chip dicing and storing capability.

The quantum optics lab includes optical tables for high vibration isolation, with automated optical fibre alignment setups for the classical characterisation of photonic devices with 5nm precision positioners and several tunable lasers. A single photon source based on spontaneous parametric downconversion and single photon detectors based on silicon avalanche photodiodes as well as superconducting nanowires allow testing of new photonic devices in the quantum regime.

The prototypes lab includes wire bonders, a 200x microscope, a room temperature confocal microscope, and photonic/electronic packaging capability.

The cryogenic lab host a 1K Leiden cryostat with large a large plate, high cooling power and fibre-coupled confocal microscope for the cryogenic characterisation of quantum photonic devices.