The Quantum Optics and Information Laboratory at Griffith University is a 120m² temperature-controlled, vibration-damped laboratory that is optimised for low-light quantum optics experiments.

The laboratory is equipped with three (one high-power) femtosecond lasers, picosecond mode locked laser and two 60mW violet diode lasers resting on high-performance vibration-isolated optical tables. Other important equipment includes a number of single-photon detectors, multiple nonlinear crystals for generating single-photon pairs, custom designed optics and computer-controlled motion stages for setting the position of optical elements with very high precision.

The laboratory has access to ultra-high efficiency single-photon detectors through collaborations with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (USA) and UNSW.

In 2018, the lab expanded its cryostat capability to double its capacity to deploy these high-performance detectors. Together, all these resources represent a highly reconfigurable test bed for optical quantum information protocols, the development of advanced sources of quantum light such as a high-coincidence-efficiency source of entangled photon pairs, novel detection and feedback schemes and the study of the fundamental properties of the quantum world. The Centre also enjoys the support of mechanical and electronic workshop facilities.

Advanced optical measurement experiment at Griffith University.

Prof Geoff Pryde’s team in the Quantum Optics & Information Laboratory at Griffith University