Atomically thin two-dimensional (2D) quantum materials and their heterostructures have become a key enabling technology for applications in photonic quantum technologies [1] [2]. Compared to other solid-state quantum emitters, 2D emitters advantages lie in their deterministic position control, their straight forward integration into complex photonic circuits and devices, and their tailorable electronic band structure [3]. In addition, 2D materials can be used as non-linear optical on-chip elements and to build new types of quantum sensors and detectors [4]. This new research field has just started to explore its endless possibilities. The recent demonstration of effortless integration of 2D materials onto photonics and CMOS platforms will result in a breakthrough in the development of on-chip quantum networks [5]. It will take full advantage of the huge variety of 2D materials and heterostructures and prototype novel quantum devices with revolutionary functionalities [2].



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