Silicon Qubit Environment & Interface Program

The Silicon Qubit Environment & Interface Program, led by Prof Sven Rogge at UNSW Sydney, aims to couple qubits in a robust manner from the atomic nano-meter length scale to macroscopic coupling via photons. On the atomic scale we optimise the coupling between donor atoms while taking the complex nature of their charge density in silicon into account. To achieve macroscopic coupling we engineer electric-dipole coupling to spin qubits. This enables direct qubit-qubit coupling at the 100nm length scale and the coupling to microwave resonators that allows for chip scale coupling. Finally, an optical interface to spin qubits is investigated for long distance coupling based on rare-earth ions in silicon and integrated single-photon detectors in collaboration with ANU, Griffith, RMIT, and UNSW Canberra.


Learn more about The Quantum Interface Development Program, CQC2T and the team's research investigating spin qubits in silicon.


Prof. Sven  Rogge

Prof. Sven Rogge

Work Package Leader, Program Manager UNSW Sydney
Dr. Benoit  Voisin

Dr. Benoit Voisin

UNSW Sydney
Dr. Cassandra  Chua

Dr. Cassandra Chua

UNSW Sydney
Dr. Gabriele  De Boo

Dr. Gabriele De Boo

UNSW Sydney
Mr. Guangchong  Hu

Mr. Guangchong Hu

UNSW Sydney
Mr. Ian  Berkman

Mr. Ian Berkman

UNSW Sydney
Dr. Sacha  Kocsis

Dr. Sacha Kocsis

UNSW Sydney

Featured publications

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