Quantum Information Theory Program

Quantum information theory (QIT) underpins and motivates the quantum revolution in computation and communication technology. Led by Professor Howard Wiseman based at Griffith University, the research in QIT is broad-based, including new algorithms/protocols for quantum information processing, quantum estimation and metrology using quantum information technology, feedback-control of quantum information processing devices, and generating novel quantum correlations using optical networks and local processors. The QIT Program collaborates with both theory and experimental programs in the Centre, as well as with partner organisations NASA, NIST, and the National University of Singapore.


Prof. Howard  M. Wiseman

Prof. Howard M. Wiseman

Program Manager Griffith University
Mr. Anibal  Utreras-Alarcon

Mr. Anibal Utreras-Alarcon

Griffith University
Dr. Areeya  Chantasri

Dr. Areeya Chantasri

Griffith University
A. Prof. Eric  Cavalcanti

A. Prof. Eric Cavalcanti

ARC Future Fellow Griffith University
Dr. Gerardo Paz Silva

Dr. Gerardo Paz Silva

Griffith University
Dr. Ivonne  Guevara

Dr. Ivonne Guevara

Griffith University
Mr. Kiarn  Laverick

Mr. Kiarn Laverick

Griffith University
Dr. Nariman  Saadatmand

Dr. Nariman Saadatmand

Griffith University
Mr. Toshio  Croucher

Mr. Toshio Croucher

Griffith University
Mr. Travis  Baker

Mr. Travis Baker

Griffith University

Featured Publications

Quantum State Smoothing for Linear Gaussian Systems KT Laverick, A Chantasri, HM Wiseman
Physical Review Letters, 122, 190402 (2019)
Symmetries and physically realisable ensembles for open quantum systems P Warszawski, HM Wiseman New Journal of Physics, 21, 053006 (2019)
Experimental Validation of Quantum Steering Ellipsoids and Tests of Volume Monogamy Relations C Zhang, S Cheng, LL, QY Liang, B-Heng Liu, YF Huang, CF Li, GC Guo, MJW Hall, HM Wiseman, GJ Pryde
Physical Review Letters, 122, 070402 (2019)
Necessary Condition for Steerability of Arbitrary Two-Qubit States with Loss TJ Baker, S Wollmann, GJ Pryde, HM Wiseman Journal of Optics, 20, 034008 (2018)
Experimental optical phase measurement approaching the exact Heisenberg limit S Daryanoosh, S Slussarenko, DW Berry, HM Wiseman, GJ Pryde Nature Communications, 9, 4606 (2018)
Bayesian quantum noise spectroscopy C Ferrie, C Granade, G Paz-Silva, HM Wiseman New Journal of Physics, 20, 123005 (2018)
Reference-frame-independent Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering S Wollmann, MJW Hall, RB Patel, HM Wiseman, GJ Pryde Physical Review A, 98, 22333 (2018)
Conclusive experimental demonstration of one-way Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering N Tischler, F Ghafari, TJ Baker, S Slussarenko, RB Patel, MM Weston, S Wollmann, LK Shalm, VB Verma, SW Nam, HC Nguyen, HM Wiseman, GJ Pryde Physical Review Letters, 121, 100401 (2018)
Concepts of quantum non-Markovianity: A hierarchy L Li, MJW Hall, HM Wiseman Physics Reports, 759, 18629 (2018)