Quantum Computing with Rotation-Symmetric Bosonic Codes


AL Grimsmo, J Combes, BQ Baragiola

Physical Review X, 10, 011058 (2020)

Quantum Computing with Rotation-Symmetric Bosonic Codes

Bosonic rotation codes, introduced here, are a broad class of bosonic error-correcting codes based on phase-space rotation symmetry. We present a universal quantum computing scheme applicable to a subset of this class-number-phase codes-which includes the well-known cat and binomial codes, among many others. The entangling gate in our scheme is code agnostic and can be used to interface different rotation-symmetric encodings. In addition to a universal set of operations, we propose a teleportation-based error-correction scheme that allows recoveries to be tracked entirely in software. Focusing on cat and binomial codes as examples, we compute average gate fidelities for error correction under simultaneous loss and dephasing noise and show numerically that the error-correction scheme is close to optimal for error-free ancillae and ideal measurements. Finally, we present a scheme for fault-tolerant, universal quantum computing based on the concatenation of number-phase codes and Bacon-Shor subsystem codes.

University: RMIT University

Authors Centre Participants: Dr. Ben Baragiola

Source: Physical Review X

Publication Type: Refereed Journal article

DOI Link: DOI Link

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