Quantum Computer Courses

In a 2020 report from the CSIRO a growing quantum education ecosystem in Australia will be essential in order to fill the 10k projected quantum computing jobs by 2040.

So, what should you study if you want to work in quantum computing?

To get started in quantum computing you should complete an undergraduate degree in science – physics, maths, computer science and /or engineering and sign up to quantum computing subjects or courses. Get started early – study science at school, advanced maths, computer science and get into coding.

Universities across Australia are investing in a range of courses in quantum technologies. Here are some of the courses from our CQC²T partners:

Year 12 physics extension courses:

  • SciX2021 Online@UNSW supports Science Extension students to complete their research projects by providing them with access to UNSW Science’s world-leading researchers and research tools in an accessible online environment.




Internships and scholarships

At CQC²T we offer a range of projects for undergraduate and post graduate students – including Taste of Research, Honours, Masters and Exchange students. To enquire or apply for these programs contact our CQC²T partner universities.

Sydney Quantum Academy (SQA)

The Sydney Quantum Academy is the initiative of Macquarie University, UNSW Sydney, the University of Sydney and University of Technology Sydney. It will help train the next generation of engineers and scientists in quantum computing, cementing Sydney’s place as the leading global city for quantum technology and ensuring NSW is a world centre for jobs in the emerging quantum economy. The Academy will:

  • encourage students to collaborate and train across the four universities
  • directly link students to industry through internships and research
  • support the development of quantum technology businesses

Learn more and review the programs launching in 2020.

Experiment with Quantum Computers

If you want some hands-on experience with quantum computers you can access cloud based simulators and programs to test your programming skills.

Quantum User Interface

University of Melbourne: Quantum User Interface  (QUI)

QUI is an intuitive programming and simulation environment designed to enable users to visualise and understand the inner workings of a quantum computer. Program and follow your quantum code, every step of the way.

ANU Quantum Random Numbers Server

This website allows everybody to seelisten or download our quantum random numbers, assess in real time the quality of the numbers generated and learn more about the physics behind it.