Quantum Communication Theory Program

Quantum Communication is the transmission of information via the coherent exchange of quantum systems, usually optical. Its study has led to new communication technologies, for example quantum key distribution, a secure communication technique with no classical analogue.

The Quantum Communication Theory Program, led by Prof Tim Ralph from the University of Queensland, studies a broad range of issues associated with quantum communication and fundamental aspects of quantum information and metrology. We are particularly concerned with the scaling up of short to long range communication through the development of quantum repeaters and related technology. We collaborate with several groups on demonstrating key technologies.


Prof. Tim C Ralph

Prof. Tim C Ralph

Executive Team, Program Manager The University of Queensland
Ms. Estelle  Asmodelle

Ms. Estelle Asmodelle

The University of Queensland
Mr. Joshua  Foo

Mr. Joshua Foo

The University of Queensland
Mr. Lachlan  Bishop

Mr. Lachlan Bishop

The University of Queensland
Mr. Marco  Ho

Mr. Marco Ho

The University of Queensland
Mr. Matthew  Winnel

Mr. Matthew Winnel

PhD Student The University of Queensland
Mr. Sho  Onoe

Mr. Sho Onoe

The University of Queensland

Featured Publications

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Correlations detected in a quantum vacuum AS Moskalenko, TC Ralph Nature, 568, 178-179 (2019)
Large-scale silicon quantum photonics implementing arbitrary two-qubit processing X Qiang, X Zhou, J Wang, CM Wilkes, T Loke, S O’Gara, L Kling, GD Marshall, R Santagati, TC Ralph, JB Wang, JL O’Brien, MG Thompson, JCF Matthews Nature Photonics, 12, 534 (2018)
Space QUEST mission proposal: experimentally testing decoherence due to gravity S Joshi, J Pienaar, TC Ralph, et. al.
New Journal of Physics, 20, 63016 (2018)
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Passive quantum error correction of linear optics networks through error averaging Ryan J. Marshman, Austin P. Lund, Peter P. Rohde, and Timothy C. Ralph Phys. Rev. A, 97, 022324 (2018)
Simulation of Gaussian channels via teleportation and error correction of Gaussian states S Tserkis, J Dias, TC Ralph
Phys. Rev. A , 98, 052335 (2018)
Particle production and apparent decoherence due to an accelerated time delay S Onoe, D Su, TC Ralph Phys. Rev. D, 98, 036011 (2018)
Generation of a Cat State in an Optical Sideband T Serikawa, J Yoshikawa, S Takeda, H Yonezawa, TC Ralph, EH Huntington, A Furusawa
Phys. Rev. Lett. , 121, 143602 (2018)
Violation of Bell’s Inequality Using Continuous Variable Measurements O Thearle, J Janousek, S Armstrong, S Hosseini, M Schünemann, S Assad, T Symul, MR. James, E Huntington, TC Ralph, PK Lam
Phys. Rev. Lett., 120, 040406 (2018)


Making light work of quantum computing

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