The Quantum Algorithms and Complexity Program, led by Professor Michael Bremner based at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), identifies applications for quantum computers that demonstrate power beyond classical computing. We focus on developing quantum computational tasks that are experimentally viable in the near-term and clearly on the pathway to scaling-up to more ambitious long-term quantum computing architectures. Researchers in this program are based at the University of Technology Sydney’s Centre for Quantum Software and Information and they work closely with the Centre’s other theoretical and experimental teams to optimise architectures in silicon and optical systems informed by the latest developments in the theory of quantum algorithms, complexity, and error correction.

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Negative Refractive Index in Dielectric Crystals Containing Stoichiometric Rare-Earth Ions MC. Berrington, MJ. Sellars, JJ. Longdell, HM. Rønnow,HH. Vallabhapurapu, C Adambukulam, A Laucht, RL. Ahlefeld
Transversal injection for direct encoding of ancilla states for non-Clifford gates using stabilizer codes J Gavriel, D Herr, A Shaw, M J Bremner, A Paler, and S J Devitt Physical Review Research, 5, 033019 (2023)