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Robust fault tolerance for continuous-variable cluster states with excess antisqueezing BW Walshe, LJ Mensen, BQ Baragiola, NC Menicucci 22/07/2019 Physical Review A, 100, 10301 (2019)
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Single Rare-Earth Ions as Atomic-Scale Probes in Ultrascaled Transistors Q Zhang, GC Hu, GG de Boo, M Rancic, BC Johnson, JC McCallum, JF Du, MJ Sellars, CM Yin, S Rogge 28/06/2019 Nano Letters, 19, 5025 (2019)
Compact Cavity-Enhanced Single-Photon Generation with Hexagonal Boron Nitride T Vogl, R Lecamwasam, B Buchler, Y Lu, PK Lam 26/06/2019 ACS Photonics, 6, 1955 (2019)
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