Research Publications

PHYSICAL REVIEWProtecting classical-quantum signals in free-space optical channelsE. Villaseñor, M. S. Winnel, T. C. Ralph, R. Aguinaldo, J. Green, R. Malaney
On the regularization and optimization in quantum detector tomographyXiao, SX; Wang, YL; Zhang, J; Dong, DY; Yokoyama, S; Petersen, IR; Yonezawa, H
ACS NANO (2023)Room Temperature Bias-Selectable, Dual-Band Infrared Detectors Based on Lead Sulfide Colloidal Quantum Dots and Black PhosphorusWang, SF; Ashokan, A; Balendhran, S; Yan, W; Johnson, BC; Peruzzo, A; Crozier, KB; Mulvaney, P; Bullock, J