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Coherent electrical control of a single high-spin nucleus in silicon S Asaad, V Mourik, B Joecker, MAI Johnson, AD Baczewski, HR Firgau, MT Madzik, V Schmitt, JJ Pla, FE Hudson, KM Itoh, JC McCallum, AS Dzurak, A Laucht, A Morello
01/03/2020 Nature, 579, 205 (2020)
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Necessary conditions for steerability of two qubits from consideration of local operation TJ Baker, HM Wiseman
20/02/2020 Physical Review A, 101, 022326 (2020)
A high-fidelity heralded quantum squeezing gate J Zhao, K Liu, H Jeng, M Gu, J Thompson, PK Lam, SM Assad 17/02/2020 Nature Photonics, 14, 306 (2020)
Coherent spin control of s-, p-, d- and f-electrons in a silicon quantum dot RCC Leon, CH Yang, JC.C Hwang, J Camirand Lemyre, T Tanttu, W Huang, KW Chan, KY Tan, FE Hudson, KM Itoh, A Morello, A Laucht, M Pioro-Ladrière, A Saraiva, AS Dzurak

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Integrated Optical Device for Frequency Conversion Across the Full Telecom C-Band Spectrum P Fisher, M Villa, F Lenzini, M Lobino 10/02/2020 Physical Review Applied, 13, 024017 (2020)
Photothermally induced transparency JY Ma, JY Qin, GT Campbell, R Lecamwasam, K Sripathy, J Hope, B Buchler, PK Lam 01/02/2020 Science Advances, 6, eaax8256 (2020)
π-Corrected Heisenberg Limit W Górecki, R Demkowicz-Dobrzański, HM Wiseman, DW Berry 23/01/2020 Physical Review Letters, 124, 030501 (2020)
Modeling and control of a reconfigurable photonic circuit using deep learning A Youssry, RJ Chapman, A Peruzzo, C Ferrie, M Tomamichel 21/01/2020 Quantum Science and Technology, 5, 025001 (2020)
Observation of a Quantum Phase from Classical Rotation of a Single Spin AA Wood, LCL Hollenberg, RE Scholten, AM Martin 17/01/2020 Physical Review Letters, 124, 020401 (2020)
Quantum processing with ensembles of rare-earth ions in a stoichiometric crystal RL Ahlefeldt, MJ Pearce, MR Hush, MJ Sellars 09/01/2020 Physical Review A, 101, 012309 (2020)
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