Research Publications

Nature Communications, 9, 980 (2018)Two-electron spin correlations in precision placed donors in siliconMA Broome, SK Gorman, MG House, SJ Hile, JG Keizer, D Keith, CD Hill, TF Watson, WJ Baker, LCL Hollenberg, MY Simmons
Physical Review X, 8, 041032 (2018)Single-Shot Single-Gate rf Spin Readout in SiliconP. Pakkiam, A. V. Timofeev, M. G. House, M. R. Hogg, T. Kobayashi, M. Koch, S. Rogge, and M. Y. Simmons
Science Advances, 4, eaaq1459 (2018)Addressable electron spin resonance using donors and donor molecules in siliconSJ. Hile, L Fricke, MG. House, E Peretz, CY Chen, Y Wang, M Broome, SK. Gorman, JG. Keizer, R Rahman, MY Simmons
Physical Review B, 93, 205424 (2016)Manifestation of a non-Abelian Berry phase in a p-type semiconductor systemT Li, LA Yeoh, A Srinivasan, O Klochan, DA Ritchie, MY Simmons, OP Sushkov and AR Hamilton
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