Research Publications

High-Fidelity CNOT Gate for Donor Electron Spin Qubits in SiliconKranz, L; Roche, S; Gorman, SK; Keizer, JG; Simmons, MY
Hyperfine-mediated spin relaxation in donor-atom qubits in siliconHsueh, YL; Kranz, L; Keith, D; Monir, S; Chung, YS; Gorman, SK; Rahman, R; Simmons, MY
Benchmarking adversarially robust quantum machine learning at scaleWest, MT; Erfani, SM; Leckie, C; Sevior, M; Hollenberg, LCL; Usman, M
Quantum tunneling rotor as a sensitive atomistic probe of guests in a metal-organic frameworkTitov, K; Ryder, MR; Lamaire, A; Zeng, ZX; Chaudhari, AK; Taylor, J; Mahdi, EM; Rogge, SMJ; Mukhopadhyay, S; Rudic, S; Van Speybroeck, V; Fernandez-Alonso, F; Tan, JC
Nearly Heisenberg-limited noise-unbiased frequency estimation by tailored sensor designFrancisco Riberi, Gerardo A. Paz-Silva, and Lorenza Viola
PHYSICAL REVIEW (2023)Provably superior accuracy in quantum stochastic modelingChengran Yang, Andrew J. P. Garner, Feiyang Liu, Nora Tischler, Jayne Thompson, Man-Hong Yung, Mile Gu, and Oscar Dahlsten