Research Publications

Nature Communications, 12, 3323 (2021)Coherent control of a donor-molecule electron spin qubit in siliconL Fricke, SJ Hile, L Kranz, Y Chung, Y He, P Pakkiam, MG House, JG Keizer, MY Simmons
Nature Communications, 11, 6124 (2020)Valley interference and spin exchange at the atomic scale in siliconB Voisin, J.Bocquel, A Tankasala, M Usman, J Salfi, R Rahman, MY Simmons, LCL Hollenberg, S Rogge
Nature, 571, 371 (2019)A two-qubit gate between phosphorus donor electrons in siliconY He, SK Gorman, D Keith, L Kranz, JG Keizer, MY Simmons
Appl. Phys. Lett., 112, 243105 (2018)Singlet-triplet minus mixing and relaxation lifetimes in a double donor dotSK Gorman, MA Broome, MG House, SJ Hile, JG Keizer, D Keith, TF Watson, WJ Baker, MY Simmons
npj Quantum Information, 4, 61 (2018)Spin-orbit coupling in silicon for electrons bound to donorsB Weber, YL Hsueh, TF Watson, RY Li, AR Hamilton, LCL Hollenberg, R Rahman, MY Simmons
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