Research Publications

NANO LETTERSCombining n-MOS Charge Sensing with p-MOS Silicon Hole Double Quantum Dots in a CMOS platformJin, IK; Kumar, K; Rendell, MJ; Huang, JY; Escott, CC; Hudson, FE; Lim, WH; Dzurak, AS; Hamilton, AR; Liles, SD
JOURNAL OF MATERIALS RESEARCH On the creation of near-surface nitrogen-vacancy centre ensembles by implantation of type Ib diamondHealey, AJ; Scholten, SC; Nadarajah, A; Singh, P; Dontschuk, N; Hollenberg, LCL; Simpson, DA; Tetienne, JP
JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS Remote plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition of GeSn on Si: Material and defect characterizationS. Q. Lim, L. Q. Huston,L. A. Smillie; G. J. Grzybowsk, X. Huang; J. S. Williams; BB Claflin
Testing the speed of spooky action at a distance in a tabletop experimentAmato, LS; Pallotti, DK; de Cumis, MS; Dequal, D; Andrisani, A; Slussarenko, S
High-Fidelity CNOT Gate for Donor Electron Spin Qubits in SiliconKranz, L; Roche, S; Gorman, SK; Keizer, JG; Simmons, MY