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Quantum search on a single-atom qudit Prof. Andrea Morello 09/01/2018 Nature Nanotechnology, 13, 9 (2018)
Magnetically sensitive nanodiamond-doped tellurite glass fibers YL Ruan, DA Simpson, J Jeske, H Ebendorff-Heidepriem, DWM Lau, H Ji, BC Johnson, T Ohshima, VS Afshar, LCL Hollenberg, AD Greentree, TM Monro, BC Gibson
09/01/2018 Scientific Reports, 8, 1268 (2018)
Ultimate precision of joint quadrature parameter estimation with a Gaussian probe Mark Bradshaw, Ping Koy Lam, and Syed M. Assad 09/01/2018 Phys. Rev. A, 97, 012106 (2018)
Fabrication of ultrahigh-precision hemispherical mirrors for quantum-optics applications Daniel B. Higginbottom, Geoff T. Campbell, Gabriel Araneda, Fengzhou Fang, Yves Colombe, Ben C. Buchler & Ping Koy Lam 08/01/2018 Scientific Reports, Volume 8, Article number: 221 (2018)
Heralded quantum steering over a high-loss channel MM Weston, S Slussarenko, HM Chrzanowski, S Wollmann, LK Shalm, VB Verma, MS Allman, SW Nam, GJ Pryde 05/01/2018 Science Advances, 4, e1701230 (2018)
Optimising Matrix Product State Simulations of Shor’s Algorithm Aidan Dang, Charles D. Hill, Lloyd C. L. Hollenberg 21/12/2017 (2017)
Sound Clocks and Sonic Relativity Scott L. Todd, Nicolas C. Menicucci 02/10/2017 Foundations of Physics, 47, 1267-1293 (2017)
Quantum imaging of current flow in graphene J-P Tetienne, N Dontschuk, DA Broadway, A Stacey, DA Simpson and LCL Hollenberg 13/09/2017 Science Advances, 3, e1602429 (2017)
Coherence time of over a second in a telecom-compatible quantum memory storage material M Rančić, MP Hedges, RL Ahlefeldt and MJ Sellars 11/09/2017 Nature Physics, 14, 50-54 (2018)
Flow Ambiguity: A Path Towards Classically Driven Blind Quantum Computation Nicolas C. Menicucci 11/07/2017 Physical Review X, 7, 031004 (2017)
Encoding qubits into oscillators with atomic ensembles and squeezed light Nicolas C. Menicucci 08/05/2017 Physical Review A, 95, 053819 (2017)
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