Low-Latency Digital Feedforward for Universal Continuous-Variable Quantum Computation in Time Domain A Sakaguchi, H Ogawa, M Kobayashi, S Suzuki, H Yonezawa, E Huntington, S Takeda, J Yoshikawa, A Furusawa 13/05/2018 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, FTu4G.3 (2018)
Generation of Schrödinger’s cat state in an optical double sideband mode T Serikawa, J Yoshikawa, H Yonezawa, TC Ralph, EH Huntington, A Furusawa 13/05/2018 CLEO: QELS_Fundamental Science (2018)
Challenging local realism with human choices The BIG Bell Test Collaboration, F. Ghafari Jouneghani, R. B. Patel, G. J. Pryde, S. Slussarenko & M. M. Weston et al. 09/05/2018 Nature, 557, 212 (2018)
Two-electron states of a group-V donor in silicon from atomistic full configuration interactions A Tankasala, J Salfi, J Bocquel, B Voisin, M Usman, G Klimeck, MY Simmons, LCL Hollenberg, S Rogge, R Rahman 02/05/2018 Physical Review B, 97, 195301 (2018)
Adaptive estimation of a time-varying phase with coherent states: Smoothing can give an unbounded improvement over filtering KT Laverick, HM Wiseman, HT Dinani, DW Berry 23/04/2018 Physical Review A, 97, 042334 (2018)
Characterizing quantum supremacy in near-term devices S Boixo, SV Isakov, VN Smelyanskiy, R Babbush, N Ding, Z Jiang, MJ Bremner, JM Martinis, N Neven
23/04/2018 Nature Physics, 14, 595 (2018)
Proximity-Induced Artefacts in Magnetic Imaging with Nitrogen-Vacancy Ensembles in Diamond JP Tetienne, DA Broadway, SE Lillie, N Dontschuk, T Teraji, LT Hall, A Stacey, DA Simpson, LCL Hollenberg 23/04/2018 Sensors, 18, 1290 (2018)
Impact of Surface Functionalization on the Quantum Coherence of Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Nanodiamonds RG Ryan, A Stacey,KM O'Donnell, T Ohshima, BC Johnson, LCL Hollenberg, P Mulvaney, DA Simpson
18/04/2018 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 10, 13143 (2018)
Strain-Induced Spin-Resonance Shifts in Silicon Devices J. J. Pla, A. Bienfait, G. Pica, J. Mansir, F. A. Mohiyaddin, Z. Zeng, Y. M. Niquet, A. Morello, T. Schenkel, J. J. L. Morton, and P. Bertet
10/04/2018 Phys. Rev. Applied, 9, 044014 (2018)
Phase diagram of the quantum Ising model with long-range interactions on an infinite-cylinder triangular lattice SN Saadatmand, SD Bartlett, and IP McCulloch 09/04/2018 Physical Review B, 97, 155116 (2018)
Fabrication and Deterministic Transfer of High-Quality Quantum Emitters in Hexagonal Boron Nitride Tobias Vogl, Geoff Campbell, Ben C. Buchler, Yuerui Lu, Ping Koy Lam 06/04/2018 ACS Photonics, 56, 2305-2312 (2018)
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