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Gigahertz Single-Electron Pumping Mediated by Parasitic States A Rossi, J Klochan, J Timoshenko, FE Hudson, M Mottonen, S Rogge, AS Dzurak, V Kashcheyevs, GC Tettamanzi 03/07/2018 Nano Letters, 18 (2018)
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What would you do with 1000 qubits? Prof. Andrea Morello 19/06/2018 Quantum Science and Technology , 3, 3 (2018)
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Space QUEST mission proposal: experimentally testing decoherence due to gravity S Joshi, J Pienaar, TC Ralph, et. al.
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Viewpoint: Lost Photons Won’t Derail Quantum Sampling Austin P. Lund 06/06/2018 Physics , 11, 57 (2018)
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