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30/08/2018 Phys. Rev. B, 98, 075313 (2018)
Valley Filtering in Spatial Maps of Coupling between Silicon Donors and Quantum Dots J Salfi, B Voisin, A Tankasala, J Bocquel, M Usman, MY Simmons, LCL Hollenberg, R Rahman, S Rogge 27/08/2018 Physical Review X, 8, 031049 (2018)
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Spin and orbital structure of the first six holes in a silicon metal-oxide-semiconductor quantum dot SD Liles, R Li, C H Yang, FE Hudson, M Veldhorst, AS Dzurak, AR Hamilton
14/08/2018 Nature Communications, 9, 3255 (2018)
Measurements and atomistic theory of electron g-factor anisotropy for phosphorus donors in strained silicon M. Usman, H. Huebl, A. R. Stegner, C. D. Hill, M. S. Brandt, and L. C. L. Hollenberg
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