Research Publications

Advanced Quantum Technologies (2024)Improved Placement Precision of Donor Spin Qubits in Silicon using Molecule Ion ImplantationDanielle Holmes, Benjamin Wilhelm, Alexander M. Jakob, Xi Yu, Fay E. Hudson, Kohei M. Itoh, Andrew S. Dzurak, David N. Jamieson, Andrea Morello
Physical Review X, 12, 041008 (2022)Beating the Thermal Limit of Qubit Initialization with a Bayesian Maxwell’s DemonMAI Johnson, MT Madzik, Hudson, FE, KM Itoh, AM Jakob, DN Jamieson, A Dzurak, A Morello
Nature, 526, 410 (2015)A two-qubit logic gate in siliconM. Veldhorst, C. H. Yang, J. C. C. Hwang, W. Huang, J. P. Dehollain, J. T. Muhonen, S. Simmons, A. Laucht, F. E. Hudson, K. M. Itoh, A. Morello & A. S. Dzurak
Nature Nanotechnology, 9, 981 (2014)An addressable quantum dot qubit with fault-tolerant control-fidelityM. Veldhorst, J. C. C. Hwang, C. H. Yang, A. W. Leenstra, B. de Ronde, J. P. Dehollain, J. T. Muhonen, F. E. Hudson, K. M. Itoh, A. Morello & A. S. Dzurak
Advanced Materials, 2103235 (2021)Deterministic Shallow Dopant Implantation in Silicon with Detection Confidence Upper-Bound to 99.85% by Ion-Solid InteractionsAM Jakob, SG Robson, V Schmitt, V Mourik, M Posselt, D Spemann, BC Johnson, HR Firgau, E Mayes, JC McCallum, A Morello, DN Jamieson
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