Research Publications

Nature Nanotechnology (2024)High-fidelity initialization and control of electron and nuclear spins in a four-qubit registerJ Reiner, Y Chung, SH Misha, C Lehner, C Moehle, D Poulos, S Monir, KJ Charde, P Macha, L Kranz, I Thorvaldson, B Thorgrimsson, D Keith, YL Hsueh, R Rahman, SK Gorman, JG Keizer, MY Simmons
QUANTUMDigital Discovery of 100 diverse Quantum Experiments with PyTheusRuiz-Gonzalez, C; Arlt, S, Petermann, J; Sayyad, S; Jaouni, T; Karimi, E; Tischler, N; Gu, X; Krenn, M
JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS Remote plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition of GeSn on Si: Material and defect characterizationS. Q. Lim, L. Q. Huston,L. A. Smillie; G. J. Grzybowsk, X. Huang; J. S. Williams; BB Claflin
Quantum tunneling rotor as a sensitive atomistic probe of guests in a metal-organic frameworkTitov, K; Ryder, MR; Lamaire, A; Zeng, ZX; Chaudhari, AK; Taylor, J; Mahdi, EM; Rogge, SMJ; Mukhopadhyay, S; Rudic, S; Van Speybroeck, V; Fernandez-Alonso, F; Tan, JC
Physical Review B, 106, 075418 (2022)Shelving and latching spin readout in atom qubits in siliconEN Osika, SK Gorman, S Monir, YL Hsueh, M Borscz, M, HE Geng, B Thorgrimsson, MY Simmons, R Rahman
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