Research Publications

Nature, 606, 694 (2022)Engineering topological states in atom-based semiconductor quantum dotsM. Kiczynski, S. K. Gorman, H. Geng, M. B. Donnelly, Y. Chung, Y. He, J. G. Keizer & M. Y. Simmons
Nature Communications, 13, 1832 (2022)Quantum channel correction outperforming direct transmissionS Slussarenko, MM W Lynden K Shalm, VB Verma, SW Nam, S Kocsis, TC Ralph, GJ Pryde
Quantum Science and Technology, 7, 025019 (2022)Single site optical spectroscopy of coupled Er3+ ion pairs in siliconGC Hu, RL Ahlefeldt, GG de Boo, A Lyasota, BC Johnson, JC McCallum, MJ Sellars, CM Yin, S Rogge
New Journal of Physics, 24, 033030 (2022)Creation of nitrogen-vacancy centers in chemical vapor deposition diamond for sensing applicationsT Luo, L Lindner, J Langer, V Cimalla, X Vidal, F Hahl, C Schreyvogel, S Onoda, S Ishii, T Ohshima, D Wang, DA Simpson, BC Johnson, M Capelli, R; Blinder, J Jeske
Physical Review Applied, 17, 024068 (2022)Fast Bayesian Tomography of a Two-Qubit Gate Set in SiliconTJ Evans, W Huang, J Yoneda, R Harper, T Tanttu, KW Chan, FE Hudson, KM Itoh, A Saraiva, CH Yang, AS Dzurak, SD Bartlett
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