E. Villaseñor, M. S. Winnel, T. C. Ralph, R. Aguinaldo, J. Green, R. Malaney
Due to turbulence and tracking errors, free-space optical channels involving mobile transceivers are characterized by a signal’s partial loss or complete erasure. This work presents an error correction protocol capable of protecting a signal passing through such channels by encoding it with an ancillary entangled bipartite state. Beyond its ability to offer protection under realistic channel conditions, novel to our protocol is its ability to encompass both classical and quantum information on the encoded signal. We show how, relative to non-encoded direct transmission, the protocol can improve the fidelity of transmitted coherent states over a wide range of losses and erasure probabilities. In addition, the use of ancillary non-Gaussian entangled bipartite states in the signal encoding is considered, showing how this can increase performance. Finally, we briefly discuss the application of our protocol to the transmission of more complex input states, such as multi-mode entangled states.