Professor Hollenberg completed his PhD in theoretical particle physics at the University of Melbourne in 1989 and was subsequently awarded a JSPS Fellowship at the KEK accelerator laboratory in Tsukuba, Japan. After his postdoctoral period he returned to the School of Physics to take up a research and teaching position. Lloyd’s early work in mathematical physics and lattice gauge theory was a natural starting point for his interest in quantum computing. Since 2001, Lloyd has been a driving force for the silicon quantum computer vision, providing theoretical underpinnings from device physics to quantum error correction and scale-up. He is an internationally-known proponent of quantum technology having made contributions in both theoretical quantum computing and experimental implementations of quantum sensing using spin qubits in semiconductors.

Lloyd has published more than 250 papers in refereed journals, including prestigious journals such as Science, Nature, Nature Physics, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Materials and Physical Review Letters. He was ranked 6th in the world for contributions to quantum computing in the 2001–2010 Thomson Reuters census. Under his ARC Laureate Fellowship (2013-2018) he developed quantum sensing and imaging technology that crosses the nano-bio divide. Lloyd has served on the Australian Research Council’s College of Experts and was Chair of the Physics, Chemistry and Geosciences panel in 2008.

2018: Election to the Australian Academy of Science
2016: Royal Society of Victoria Medal for Excellence in Scientific Research
2013: Victoria Prize for Science and Innovation in the Physical Sciences; Eureka Prize for Excellence in Interdisciplinary Research
2012: Australian Institute of Physics Walter Boas Medal for Research Excellence