The Precision Qubit Processor Program led by Professor Michelle Y. Simmons, based at UNSW Sydney, has the ultimate goal of developing a scalable, phosphorus in silicon, quantum processor.

Professor Simmons’s group leads the field internationally in making precision atomic electronic devices in silicon for both conventional and quantum computing. Using a combination of scanning tunneling microscopy and molecular beam epitaxy phosphorus dopant atoms are controllably placed in Si devices with atomic precision.

This has led to the development of the narrowest conducting wires in silicon, the development of the smallest precision transistors, the first two qubit gate between atom qubits in silicon and more complex architectures towards error correction.

The Program is currently developing all the functional elements for an error corrected scalable spin-based quantum computer, including techniques for multiplexed parallel qubit addressability, 3D atomic precision patterning, fast gate-based read-out, and both error detection and correction.

Featured publications

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