Building a scalable quantum computer requires the ability to manufacture quantum states with long coherence times, fast operation, high fidelity and high stability. Furthermore, these attributes need to be combined together into a scalable architecture that allows the input, control and read-out of quantum states for error correction.

Since 2003 the Centre’s Precision Donor Qubit in Silicon Platform has invented groundbreaking atomic-scale fabrication technologies to position single phosphorus atoms in silicon with atomic precision. In this Platform qubits are encoded on either the electron or nuclear spins of phosphorus donor atoms in silicon.


Atom qubits in silicon have demonstrated many advantages for achieving this, including the longest coherence times in the solid state with 35.6 seconds for the nuclear spin and 0.55 seconds for the electron spin, fast (μs) high fidelity (99.8%) single shot spin read-out and the lowest charge noise environment measured in a semiconductor qubit.

Being able to realise these properties in individual qubits is essential, but the ability to atomically engineer such properties across an array of qubits provides a pathway to scale. We will continue to collaborate across our research teams to demonstrate a full-scale 3-dimentional error-corrected quantum processor in silicon.



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