Photonic Quantum Processor Program

The Photonic Quantum Processor Program will develop integrated single photon sources into complex photonic structures to produce and manipulate large-scale quantum states on chip. We will integrate arrays of quantum dots emitting at telecom wavelength with state-of-the-art high-speed, low loss switches and high-efficiency single photon detectors with the aim of generating quantum states of up to several tens of photons. This large photon state (N~20-40 photons) will be coupled to large multi-mode interferometers for demonstration of Scattershot BosonSampling, small-scale quantum simulators and algorithms, and testing fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics. Technological development will focus on robust fabrication of low-loss photonic waveguides, fast switches, on-chip filtering, engineered nonlinearities and superconducting detectors.


Dr. Alberto   Peruzzo

Dr. Alberto Peruzzo

Work Package Leader
Mr. Akib  Karim

Mr. Akib Karim

PhD Student
Ms. Inna  Krasnokutska

Ms. Inna Krasnokutska

PhD Student

Featured publications

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