PhD Scholarship in Relativistic Quantum Information Theory at RMIT University

Enquiries To: nicolas.menicucci@rmit.edu.au

Start Date: 27/05/2021

Node(s): RMIT University

School / Faculty: CQC2T

Institution: RMIT,

Instituion City/Country: Melbourne

Role: PhD Student

1st Supervisor: A. Prof. Nicolas C Menicucci

Scholarships: PhD Scholarship in Relativistic Quantum Information Theory

Do you have outstanding skills in advanced mathematics? Are you interested in quantum physics, general relativity and fundamental physics? If so, you may be right for this project. RMIT Physics, in conjunction with the ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology (CQC2T), is looking for an exceptionally high-performing student to perform advanced theoretical work in relativistic quantum information (RQI). This highly challenging PhD experience will offer you the chance to work on world-class research combining quantum information theory with key aspects of quantum field theory and general relativity.

This project aims to investigate the effects of a fundamental minimum length on the nature of gravity and on how accurately we can make measurements in our world. The key challenge is to combine our best theories of fundamental physics to model what happens at ultra-short distances. This project will generate new knowledge at this interface by using a novel approach inspired by information theory. The expected outcomes are new connections between fundamental limitations on measurements, the nature of gravitation, and ultra-small-scale quantum physics. The benefit of this work is breaking the logjam in answering the most important open question in all of physics: how to unite quantum theory and gravitation.

Note: This PhD project is open to candidates who demonstrate an exceptionally high aptitude for advanced mathematics.

Value and duration

$31000 per annum for three years (full time)

Number of scholarships available

One (1)


This PhD project is open to candidates who demonstrate an exceptionally high aptitude for advanced mathematics. Candidates must have a First-Class Honours Degree or a Masters Degree in an area of theoretical physics related to quantum field theory and/or general relativity. A Masters Degree is preferred. A supportive letter of recommendation from a recent research supervisor is required. Candidates must have permission to study in Australia and to travel to Australia if not already on shore. (With current travel restrictions in place, Australian citizens and permanent residents will have an easier time meeting this requirement.

How to apply

To apply, please submit the following documents to Associate Professor Nicolas Menicucci (nicolas.menicucci@rmit.edu.au):

  • current CV, including the contact details of 2 referees.
  • Electronic copy of academic transcripts.
  • a statement to outline your research interest and capabilities.

Scholarship applications will only be successful if prospective candidates are provided with an offer for admission.

Open date

Applications are open now

Close date

Applications will close once a candidate is appointed with intention to start.

Further information

Please note the requirements under ‘Eligibility’.

Terms and conditions

This scholarship will be governed by RMIT’s University Research Scholarship Terms and Conditions.


For further information, you can email Associate Professor Nicolas Menicucci (nicolas.menicucci@rmit.edu.au)