OUTREACH: Inspiring the new generation of scientists at UNSW Sydney


University: UNSW Sydney

Authors Centre Participants: Prof. Michelle Y. Simmons AO, Prof. Sven Rogge, Dr. Matthew G. House

Other Source: CQC2T

In September 2019, Prof Michelle Simmons welcomed over 130 primary and high school students to join her and the CQC2T team at UNSW Sydney, to experience ‘a-day-in-the-life of a quantum computing scientist’ at the CQC²T Open Day.

The event included presentations from Prof Michelle Simmons, tours of the quantum computing laboratories, and interactive experiments to demonstrate some of the principles of quantum computing. This included a custom designed virtual reality game where students were challenged to entangle two qubits. The high school session concluded with an interactive Q&A panel session, with PhD students and post doc researchers providing insights on their career path and advice for students wanting to pursue a career in STEM.