OUTREACH: Growing Tall Poppies Physics Program at Griffith University


Griffith University welcomed 36 female high school students from South-East Queensland schools, for the Growing Tall Poppies physics program, designed to encourage and empower female students to consider studying within the physical sciences. Students explored physical phenomena as an experimentalist in a laboratory and learnt to write programs like a theoretical physicist. These hands-on activities highlighted the role of physics in solving real-world issues, and an understanding of a what a career in research may look like.

Growing Tall Poppies program 2019

Check out the next generation of physicists in action at this year's Growing Tall Poppies program!This two-day workshop helps break down gender stereotypes within the field of physics through hands-on activities that highlight the role of physics in solving real-world issues.Thanks to the students who attended from Pacific Pines State High School St Hilda's School, Gold Coast, Queensland Academies Health Sciences Campus, Bundamba State School, Ormeau Woods State High School, Miami State High School, San Sisto College Carina, Somerset College and Emmanuel College Gold Coast

Posted by Griffith Sciences on Tuesday, 8 October 2019

The students visited the CQC²T laboratories at Griffith University, for a tour of the facilities led by Chief Investigators Prof Geoff Pryde and Prof Mirko Lobino. PhD students Daniel Peace, Kok-Wei Bong and Alex Pepper conducted small quantum optics experiments demonstrating quantum properties. This included an interactive experiment on quantum random number generation (QRNG) where students constructed an optical circuit with associated electronics, then collected and processed data in order to generate a sample of random numbers.


Tours of the CQC2T Laboratories at CQC²T with the Growing Tall Poppies physics program at Griffith University.

University: Griffith University

Authors Centre Participants: Prof. Geoff J. Pryde, A. Prof. Mirko Lobino

Other Source: Griffith University