Quantum optics provides a promising pathway to quantum computing at scale, with low-noise operations, the ability to muster large numbers of addressable quantum systems, and a history of demonstrating quantum processing firsts.

As we reach towards universal quantum computing, it is critically important to develop new protocols, technologies and intermediate-scale logic to demonstrate quantum advantage and construct a real test-bed to advance the science behind future technology.

In CQC²T, Quantum Optical Protocols range from theoretical schemes for realising algorithms and error correction, through to efficient and practical optical encodings, and onto underlying source, circuit and detection technologies.

These work alongside our Integrated Quantum Optics platform technology for compact and robust scaling. Protocols and technologies for optical quantum computing also directly support distributed and networked communications and processing, where optics is critical.

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A strong no-go theorem on the Wigner’s friend paradox KW Bong, A Utreras-Alarcón, F Ghafari, YC Liang, N Tischler, EG Cavalcanti, GJ Pryde, HM Wiseman Nature Physics, https://doi.org/10.1038/s41567-020-0990-x (2020)
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