Optical Quantum Information Program

The Optical Quantum Information Program is led by Prof Geoff Pryde based at Griffith University. The Program investigates cutting-edge photonic quantum information approaches for information processing and networked quantum information, as well as making key advances in the underlying quantum information science.


Prof. Geoff J. Pryde

Prof. Geoff J. Pryde

Executive Team, Program Manager Griffith University
Mr. Farzad  Jouneghani

Mr. Farzad Jouneghani

Griffith University
Mr. Kok Wei  Bong

Mr. Kok Wei Bong

Griffith University
Dr. Nora  Tischler

Dr. Nora Tischler

Griffith University
Dr. Sergei  Slussarenko

Dr. Sergei Slussarenko

Griffith University

Featured publications

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An experimental quantum Bernoulli factory RB Patel, T Rudolph, GJ Pryde

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Experimental Validation of Quantum Steering Ellipsoids and Tests of Volume Monogamy Relations C Zhang, S Cheng, LL, QY Liang, B-Heng Liu, YF Huang, CF Li, GC Guo, MJW Hall, HM Wiseman, GJ Pryde
Physical Review Letters, 122, 070402 (2019)
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